Date Day Function
Jan 01 26

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Date Day Function
Dec 26 Tuesday Mandala Kalavasanam (Kalabattam

The Mandala Kalam ends during the fag end of December, in the Malayalam month Dhanu. On the last day of Mandala Kalam Kalabhattam is conducted. This is the time that is most auspicious for bhajanam. The devotees of Ayyappa also flock to the temple.

Date Day Function
Dec 20 Wednesday Kuchela Dinam

The first Wednesday of the month of Dhanu (December) is celebrated as Kuchela Dinam. It is based on the belief that it was on this day that Kuchela, an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna offered Avil (parched rice) to him and in return attained eternal bliss and material property . Avil offering is considered auspicious on this day.

Date Day Function
Dec 16 Saturday Edatharikathu Kavil Paattarambam

The Lord Krishna at Guruvayur stands all by itself in the central shrine. Other images in the temple are Ganapati, Sasta or Ayyappa and Bhagavati.

The goddess is called Edatharikathu Kavil Bhagavati. Her shrine is called Edatharikathu Kavu, which in Malayalam means the shrine located on the left side. Kalampattu preceding the Thalappoli will start on 16 Dec.

Date Day Function
Dec 13 Wednesday Naaraayaneeya Dinam

The day on which the “Narayaneeyam” was completed, 28th Vrichikam, is celebrated by the Guruvayoor Devaswom as “Narayaneeyam Day”. Discourses and debates on Narayaneeyam written by Melpathur take place. Special functions are held at Melpathur Illapparambu also.

Date Day Function
Dec 01 Friday Dwadasippanam Samarppanam

Ekadasi, the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight, is very auspicious to the Hindus. Of the 24 Ekadasis in an year, the Vrishchika Ekadasi (Suklapaksha) has got special significance in Guruvayur. It falls in the Mandala season. The Navami (9th day) and Dasami (10th day) are also very important. Ekadasi Vilakku starts a month before the Ekadasi day as offerings by different persons, families and organisations. After the temple is open on this day for Nirmalya darshan ( 3.00AM ), it is closed only at 9.00 am on Dwadasi Day (12th day), thus allowing continuous darshan for devotees throughout Dasami and Ekadasi Days. Until the temple entry for all Hindus in 1947, Avarnas (lower caste) were allowed to come up to Thiyyarambalam on Dasami day (in between Manjulal and Eastern Gopuram). On Dwadasi day there is a custom of offering a token amount called Dwadasi Panam in Koothambalam for the welfare of the family.
A highlight of the Ekadasi is the memorial honour for Gajarajan Kesavan . The Karanavar or head of the elephant family places a wreath at the statue of Kesavan in front of Sreevalsam guest house and all the other elephants stand around and pay obeisance. On Ekadasi day, the Udayasthamana Pooja (continuous pooja) is conducted by the Devaswom itself . After the morning seeveli, on Ekadasi there is a grant elephant procession to the Parthasarathi temple since it is regarded as Geethopadesam Day also. On Ekadasi after night pooja the famous Ekadasi Vilakku with elephant procession takes place and provides a fitting finale to the festival.

Date Day Function
Jan 01 17

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Date Day Function
November 16 Sunday Krishnageethi Dinam

Thulam 30th is celebrated as Krishnageethi day since the year 1160 (1984). It was on the 30th of Thulam that Manavedan Namboothiripad dedicated his Sanskrit composition entitled Krishnageethi to Guruvayurappan. The performing art Krishnanattom is based on this composition.

Date Day Function
November 17 Monday Mandala Kalarambam (Pancha Gavyam)
Mandala pooja begins on the first day of the Malayalam month of Vrishchikam. This is a period of 41 days for the pilgrimage to the shrine of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. Most of the devotees who go to Sabarimala also visit Guruvayur. At Guruvayur, there will be special abhishekam with panchagavya (mixture of five products of cow - milk, curd, ghee, urine and cow dung) on all days. Many devotees visit the shrine to partake of it, since it is believed to burn up all inner impurities. Mandalam comes to end with Kalabhaattam (pouring mixture of sandal paste, saffron, camphor and rose water) on the deity. This special offering is made only once in a year and it is the hereditary privilege of the Zamorin Rajas. Besides, the three seevelis during mandalam will be conducted with three elephants and they take five rounds around the temple. The famous Guruvayur Ekadasi festival, Melpathur statue installation day, Narayaneeyam day and Kuchela day also occur during Mandalam, thus making it the busiest season at Guruvayur. During this season, special arrangements are made for 'kettunira' and 'malayidal' in front of the Sastha shrine inside the temple.
Date Day Function
November 24


Melpathur Prathima Sthapana Dinam
The abode of Melpathur is situated near the Chandanakkavu Bhagavathi temple, three kms away from Thirunavaya Vishnu temple in Malappuram district. A life size statue of Narayana Bhattathiripad, the writer of Sreemannarayaneeyam was erected in the Mandapam built in this place owned by Guruvayur Devaswom. Narayaneeyam day is celebrated in the memorial on the 8th of Vrischikam every year just as it is celebrated in Guruvayur temple on 28th of Vrischikam. It is the day when the great poet Narayana Bhattathiripad dedicated his magnum opus Sreemannarayaneeyam to Guruvayurappan in the year 762.The day is celebrated with competitions for students and cultural programmes.